Kanye "Put On verse"

A cappella no vocoder. I really hope the rumors about him using the vocoder for his entire new album aren't true.

New Video Shows That Akon Did Not Assault Fan

The smack was too blatant for charges not to be filed right away, so after a couple days past I knew something was up and sure enough Akon was a victim of bad editng. He accidentally knocks the girl over but what wasn't shown in the first video is that he helps her up after he allegedly smacked her.

Kanye West "Love Lockdown" VMA Performance

I'm half and half on this song right now.Hidde text here

LIl Kim’s Titty Tries To Escape

At about 21 secs.

Game, Young Buck & Jim Jones Performing In NY

Is it just me or did people start booin' while Jim Jones was performin'? Lmao!!!