LMAO Pic Of The Day

LMAO Pic Of The Day

LMAO Pic Of The Day

Sign fail. Honorable Mention: Everybody has this friend.

LMAO Pic Of The Day

This happened. Honorable Mention: There no bigger troll than the preach that come on college campuses and calls all the girls whores. This was just a parody.

LMAO Pic Of The Day

Best coffee label ever. Honorable Mention: Movie industry logic

LMAO Pic Of The Day

Honorable Mention:

LMAO Pic Of The Day

The most dangerous color in the spectrum. Honorable Mention: Just know McDonald's isn't the only cause for childhood obesity.

LMAO Pic Of The Day

Saying fuck the police in styles. No fucks given. Honorable Mention: Oh shit.

LMAO Pic Of The Day

Honorable Mention: Exactly.

LMAO Pic Of The Day

And not a single fuck was given. Honorable Mention: You had one fuckin' job......

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