Ex Cash Money Records Producer Sues The Label For $2 Million

Tristan "T Mix" Jones is sueing Cash Money Record for breach of contract for an exclusive production deal that was signed in 2005.Jones alleges that he was to be paid production royalties from the suggested retail list price. He alleges they owe him $2,25 Million but have only paid him $187,000.In his suit Jones says from 2005 to 2007...

S.O.L.O. Prepares His Lawsuit Against Soulja Boy

I told ya'll this was comin'. (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2) Interscope has some deep pockets. We'll see how this turns out.

Timbaland Stiffs A Florist For Christmas Decorations

According to TMZ, producer Timbaland has some explaining to do. He hired a floral company named The White Tulip to decorate his mansion for Christmas. The bill came up to $25,850 but Timbaland only paid $14,400. After attempts to reach Timbaland for payment the floral company has now filed suit for the remaining balance.

Soulja Boy Lawsuit Part 2

Ok Here's the actual email from my man from the Atlanta production company.OK (You don't need to know my government. Unless we really get to know each other) DJ SOUTHERN BRED USED TO DJ FOR SOULJA BOYTHEY ARE NOW HAVING BEEF WITH EACH OTHER.BUT A FEW YEARS AGO SOUTHERN BRED HAD A ARTIST FROM THE CHI NAMED SOLO.HE...

Exclusive: Soulja Boy To Be Sued For New Song "Bird Walk"

Ok, I got some inside info from man ___, nah I'm not gonna say his name until everything is official. My homeboy is a producer for a production company based in Atlanta. They have an underground artist who had a little buzz in the clubs in ATL and word is the underground rapper is planning to sue Soulja Boy...

Dr. Dre Sues Former Friend Over An Unpaid Loan

Remember the guy that wrote the tell all book about Dre last year Bruce Williams. Well apparently the money didn't flow off that project like he expected and somewhere along the line he borrowed a couple dollars from Dre.Well according to TMZ Dre want his chips back ASAP and filed suit cause Bruce was delinquent with them ends. Dre...

Lil Kim Sued For $2 Million

Lil Kim has had her share of legal troubles and this is just another on for the billfold. Record label Brookland Media has hit Lil Kim with a $2 million lawsuit for breach on contract. This came about because Lil Kim refusal to record her album unless her contract was changed to give her a significant pay raise. Brookland...

Jay-Z Sued Over The "I Will Not Lose" Slogan

Ok, I thought this was some bullshit when I first saw it. Jay-Z beeen sayin' "I will not lose" since The Dynasty album so I thought it was a made up rumor that somebody was tryin' to pass off as news but apparently this has some validity.Thursday (9/25) Jay-Z and the Iconix Brand Group were sued for the slogan...

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