Video: N.O.R.E. Says The Gay Rapper Is NOT Kanye Or Pharrell

N.O.R.E. crosses two candidates off the list as the gay rapper he said exist. From the description I thought it was 'Ye. We gotta keep guessin'.

Pics Of Weezy’s Baby Momma

Shout to Miss Info for diggin' up the dirt. These are the official pics of Weezy's baby momma. Yes people she is set for life and ready to receive a healthy dose of child support checks.But in all seriousness there are rumors (but they haven't been confirmed) that Wayne has been dating this girl for a while and the...

Chris Brown Tweets about Amber Rose Leaked Pics

Chris Brown caught view of Amber Rose exxxplicit pics that she allegedly sent to Nicki Minaj's boyfriend via BBM. Chris tweeted "Just saw the amber rose pics! OMG!!!!!! Looks great.."   Have you seen Ms. Rose's pics, what do you think? @VladTV

K-Swift’s Death Foul Play????

There hasn't been any evidence to back this up but there were a lot of people that were salty about K-Swift success and the success of her label. This is an excerpt from an anonymous email that circulated the internet a while back.Victor Starr's and K-Swift's corruption runs deep. K-Swift is also the Director for Baltimore's Top Urban record...

Trina (@trinarockstarr) Cell Phone Pics Leaked Along With Crazy Accusations

Trina's not new to controversy & rumors. Well now, some of Trina's private cell phone pics have leaked online & whoever leaked them decided to make this video. According to the voice they found her cell somewhere in ATL. I don't think any of the accusation of spreading STDs are true but the voice in the background is entertaining.

Nas & Kelis Back Together?!?!?

Kelis has been getting a lot of flack with her demands during her and husband/rapper Nas' divorce proceedings but there might be a stop put to everything....Nas must have just gotten the memo saying "It's cheaper to keep her" because last night (9/14) according to numerous sources, the two were seen all snuggled up at NY's club Marquee.Word is...

Rumor: The Reason Lady Gaga Canceled Her & Kanye’s Fame Tour

There has been a lot of speculation on why Lady Gaga & Kanye West's "Fame" tour was canceled. The VMA incident, creative differences, etc but according to a source in Lady Gaga's camp it's a little more.....complicated than that.The source said Lady Gaga was nervous about the tour from jump. Then the VMA incident occurred. This scared Lady...

Video: Lisa Raye Explains Her Relationship W/ Al Sharpton

These two are rumored to be a couple but their relationship is actually deeper than that.

Video: Angela Lola Luv Clears The Air About Soulja Boy

Angela Lola Luv clears up the rumors that her and Soulja Boy had a relationship.

Amber Rose To Co-Star On BET Show

  If you want to see Amber Rose every week, be sure to tune in to BET on Saturday nights and check her out on season two of “Master of the Mix.” She judges the DJ competition alongside Just Blaze, DJ Kid Capri and Vikter Duplaix, and it premieres on November 5th at midnight. Where Does Amber Rose Come From? Amber Rose...

A Quote From Jae Millz About Getting Robbed @ Drake’s Video Shoot

Jae Millz addresses the rumor about him getting robbed while hanging out on the set of Drake's new video. "Shit happened, the niggas tried to pull a fast move on me, ain't nothing happened, though. I ain't come up off of nothing. I'm still shining, I've still got what I came to the video shoot with. When you see...

A Quote From Royce Da 5′ 9" About Slaughterhouse Signing To Shady Records

This was a rumor that started after Slaughterhouse showed up in Drake's "Forever" video during Eminem's verse.“I've been talking to Em and Paul for a long time. With this particular situation, things are falling into place. Everything is in place where it's supposed to be. I'm very prepared when the opportunity presented itself. It's a time where there's...