DJ Envy Interviews Killer Mike

Kiler's Touchin' on different subjects like Big Boi & Dungeon Family Beef, Jermain Dupri, & Diddy Wanting To Sign Him!

K-Swift’s Death Foul Play????

There hasn't been any evidence to back this up but there were a lot of people that were salty about K-Swift success and the success of her label. This is an excerpt from an anonymous email that circulated the internet a while back.Victor Starr's and K-Swift's corruption runs deep. K-Swift is also the Director for Baltimore's Top Urban record...

Dj Funkmaster Flex mixing @ Hot 97 on Memorial Day 2008

Funk Flex mixing trax from the 90's. How can you go wrong. This shit just solidifies how garbage some of these new cats are. And if your a rapper and that statement pissed you off