Video Still Of One Of The Men Who Robbed Floyd Mayweather.

The reports of a grainy video must have been a smoke screen to buy more time. With $100,000 reward, old boy is gonna get caught. If you have any information you can call call Sherbrook, Jelan and Associates at 678-457-5858 or 404-786-1321.

Young Buck And Lloyd Banks Interview

G-Unit in better times. This was just released but it comes from the time right b4 "Rotten Apple" and "Buck The World" came out.


No cameras where allowed so it's just the audio

A Quote From Jay-Z About The Accusations Of Abandonment From Tierra Mari

“As far as Foxy or Tierra Marie, these are people that I have given chances to. It's understandable that they would be upset, but you got to look at it in my point of view as well… I gave Teairra Marie the same shot I gave Rihanna. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. What I am very happy...

Oprah’s Mom Taken To Court For Unpaid Shopping Bills

This is one of those "What The Fuck" moments. Oprah, arguably the most powerful woman on the planet, has a mother that obviously has a slight shopping problem but when your daughter's a billionaire, who cares??Apparently a Brookfield, Wi. clothing boutique because according to TMZ, the store is taking Oprah's mother Vernita Lee to court for a $150,000 bill...