Micheal Jordan Clowns Kobe

He's still got that #23 confidence. Kobe don't want none.

RockMeTV: Sean C & LV Interview

They produced a couple of trax on "American Gangster". Google 'em to get their full background or just watch the interviewpt 1pt 2pt 3

Full Just Blaze RockMeTv Interview

pt 1pt 2pt 3

A Shot Fired At JD’s SoSoDef Summerfest In ATL

JD threw a start studded event this weekend in ATL. Which included special celebrity events during the day and parties at night but last night's party at Club Dream was ended by gun fire. TMZ reports:According to law enforcement sources, things got violent when club patrons heard private security hired to work inside the club were double charging...

2 Doctors In Houston May Have A Possible Cure For HIV

The question is will the FDA approve it. Make this clear it's not a new treatment, their discovery may destroy the virus completely. It's passed all the trials so far. Human trials are next.