Tim Westwood Interviews The Rza

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Mick Boogie Gives Up Some Info On Jay-Z’s "Blueprint 3"

This is strictly Mick Boogie's info so if it's wrong cuss him out not me ;). He's been real close to the situation and this the info he has so far.+ Kanye will indeed be producing most, if not all, of the album. Remember back in the day when an artist would do a whole album with one producer...

Lil Wayne gives props to Jay Electronica

Shouts out to Jay Electronica aka Erykah Badu's new baby daddy.

Jay-Z Honored

Jay-Z gets honored by Mayor Bloomberg and Bloomberg slips up and 100% confirms that him and Beyonce are married. We already knew but watch Jay-z's expression frown up a little bit when he realizes what happened.