Jay-Z Honored

Jay-Z gets honored by Mayor Bloomberg and Bloomberg slips up and 100% confirms that him and Beyonce are married. We already knew but watch Jay-z's expression frown up a little bit when he realizes what happened.

Juelz Santana Interview

Skull Gang Exclusive and a Un Kasa Freestyle

Dr. Dre Is Slangin’ Liquor Now

'08 is gonna be a monster year for the good Dr. He dropped his new headphone line(can I get a promotional set? Damn.), his protege Bishop Lamont is set to bring back the West, hopefully the long awaited Detox will be dropping in the 4th quarter and now Dr. Dre will reportedly try his hand and selling liquor.Dre will...

Micheal Jordan Clowns Kobe

He's still got that #23 confidence. Kobe don't want none.

RockMeTV: Sean C & LV Interview

They produced a couple of trax on "American Gangster". Google 'em to get their full background or just watch the interviewpt 1pt 2pt 3