Breaking News: Lil Wayne Sentencing Postponed

Lil Wayne has said his farewells and come to terms with going to jail leading up to today's (2/9) sentencing. Well he'll have to do it all again in 3 weeks because the judge in his case postponed his sentencing until March 2nd. Confirmed by his partner Mack Maine's tweet.

A Quote From Lil Wayne About Going To Jail

Lil Wayne will have to turn himself in and go to court for sentencing on February 9th. I'm not sure he will start his jail term immediately after or if the judge will give him a grace period but according to his plea deal he will have to serve a 12 month sentence. Here's what he had to say...

Video: Shawty Redd’s First Court Appearance

This is famed producer(Young Jeezy) Shawty Redd's first court appearance on charges of 1st degree murder after a dispute with a friend on New Year's allegedly ended with him going to get a gun and killing him. Smh.

Video: Footage Of Nas Being Arrested For DUI

Nas admits to smoking weed but according to TMZ these charges have been administratively dismissed due to lack of evidence because his drug test came back negative.

Video: Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty To Gun Charges

Lil Wayne on his way to plead guilty for gun charges. He's actually going to be sentenced to a year but should only serve 8 months.

Kelis Wants More Money

Kelis is still trying to dig in Nas' pockets. She is still claiming to be struggling even after a judge granted her $55,000 a month. She says... it's not enough.According to MTO, in a recent court filing, Kelis wants her support to be raised to $72,000 a month for spousal support and an additional $18,000 a month for child...

Michael Jackson’s Death Being Treated As A Homicide

There has been a lot of speculation but now I'm guessing some the speculation is being considered as possible fact because the LAPD....has decided to treat MJ death as a homicide according to TMZ.And the number on suspect/lead is Dr. Conrad Murray. Apparently the investigation runs threw him because it is believed that his cardiac arrest was cause by...

Video: Chris Brown Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Rihanna

Chris Brown plead guilty yesterday to felony assault charges.