To Everybody That’s Submitted Music….

I appreciate everybody sendin' their music to be posted. I listen to every second of every track. Don't think I'm just deletin' your shit. I like to see cats that deserve it, shine. I've got like 100 emails to sort through and I want 100 more so if you think your ready send me your shit and if it's...

Youtube Cypher

I love it when young cats with skills get on the mic it gives me hope for the future in hip-hop. This is a Cypher started by Audible484. At the end of each verse it gets passed to another youtube emcee. I wouldn't post it if it wasn't hot.Audible484TraphikWax(starts to get serious)D-PrydeDyme-A-Duzin(you've seen him in here b4)Twin from...

Spitfiya "Step In The Scene"

Listen Here

Ed Lover Interviews Charles Hamilton

I was only checkin' for this cat like 65-75% but now I'm a full-fledged Charles Hamilton 1pt 2 dope ass inadvertant freestyle to the "Kick Push instrumental" pt 3

DJ Star Presents: Jr Get Money

Sharebee DL Link01. Jr Get Money Intro02. Jr Get Money feat 5 Mics Red Christmas - Im A Star03. Jr Get Money - Check My Swag04. Jr Get Money - Remember Me05. Jr Get Money Intro06. Jr Get Money - They Know Who We Are07. Jr Get Money - Pistol by Bedside08. Jr Get Money feat. Street Money Intro09....

Meet….The Knux