Video: Rich Homie Quan Smacks A Fan Who Tried To Get On Stage

Rich Homie Quan had performance over the weekend at 3 Monkeys in Racine, Wisconsin. According to TMZ, during his performance he reached out to fan who he thought was trying to shake his hand but was really trying to pull himself on stage. Quan stop his performance to point out the overzealous fans mistake, "You trippin. I thought he...

Video: Dizaster & Math Hoffa Fight At King Of The Dot’s ‘BOLA 5′

Last night, King Of The Dot held their BOLA 5 event in Los Angeles. The night was supposed to be full of heavy competition and a solid event for the battle rap community. It started out as such, until the end of Dizaster and Math Hoffa's battle. Dizaster tells Math he should punch him in the face and Math...

Video: Slowbucks Beat Up & Robbed During 50 Cent Performance *Update*

Summer Jam went down last night and of course there were some epic moments. One of the biggest moments of the night was the reunion of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Young Buck as G-Unit. After G-Unit was brought out, a massive crowd accumulated on stage. 50 then brought out Fabolous to premier the "Cuffin Season (Remix)"...

Video: T.I. Proves That He Doesn’t Have Black Eye; Tiny Puts Him On Blast For Cheating

Looks like there are some real problems in the Harris household. The brawl with Mayweather is just the tip of the iceberg of a relationship that seems to be sinking fast. T.I. took to his IG account after rumors circulated that he had two black eyes after he didn't attend his own Memorial Day weekend party. After the fight...

Video: T.I. And Floyd Mayweather Brawl At Fat Burger Bar In Vegas

A bunch celebrities hit up Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend events. T.I. & Floyd Mayweather ran into each other at Fat burger and the outcome was a chair throwing brawl. There is no official word why the fight happened but rumors have been circulating that T.I. wasn't happy that Tiny had been hanging out with The Money Team. Also,...

Video: 2 People Shot At CIAA Weekend Sheraton Party Hosted By Diddy

The CIAA Weekend ended with a bang, literally, as gunshots rang out during a party at the Sheraton hosted by Diddy. The shooting was the conclusion of a huge brawl that broke out in the hotel ballroom. Two people were shot and left with non life threatening injuries and dozens more were injured trying to flee the ballroom after...

Video: Joe Budden And His Crew Jump Consequence After L&HH Reunion Taping

Joe Budden answered being punched in head by jumping Cons after the Love & Hip Hop reunion taping. Here's some footage of the fight.

Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Fight In Los Angeles Studio Parking Lot

I thought they squashed their beef but apparently Frank Ocean still had a problem with Chris Brown because according to TMZ, the two Grammy nominated artists were involved in an all out brawl when Frank Ocean and his crew blocked Chris from leaving the parking lot of Westlake Studio in Los Angeles. Chris went to shake Frank's hand and...

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