A Quote From The Game About His Beef With Jay-Z

“I'm the only rapper that can be a fan of Jay and still rip him from limb from limb and be a fan. After I rip him , I'll still go and listen to Reasonable Doubt. I'll kiss Jay-Z with his own lips....I'm gonna make him mad enough so he can say something. I'm gonna make...

Killer Mike And Big Boi Squash Their Beef

This is a story told to Rezidue.comFortunately/unfortunately, a bad storm hit Atlanta and knocked the power out over a large portion of the city, including the studio where Mike planned to record. Big Boi's uncle Darnell and Bear were encouraging Big to peace things up once and for all.While on the phone, Big Boi's son, Cross, sensed that something...

T.I Speaks On Shawty Lo "Why Didn’t He Say This When He Was Promotin’ Laffy Taffy?"

He's really clownin' him on this one. This shit is funny.

Killer Mike Responds To Big Boi

I thought this beef was squashed but Big Boi said somethin' slick. I like how mature Killer Mike is bein' about this. He still sends a threat. This shit is almost too personal.

Shawty Lo Gets At MeatBall "I Call Him Soft Ball. Who I Raised"

Shawty Lo shows papers proving that Meatball is a snitch.