Marcus Jordan Responds To Bow Wow’s Jordan Blog

Michael Jordan's son Marcus shows the extra exclusive Jordan collection.

Diddy’s "I Am The Black American Dream" Tee

On a white mannequin. Do we really need this shirt? It ain't hard to tell.

The $7,500 Wu-Tang Nike Dunk

There is only one pair that anybody knows of that's for sale. It's located at The Fight Club shoe store in NY size 11.5. So if you have $7,500 just layin' around go cop those joints!!! I wish I would.

Preview Of The Clipse’s New Clothing Line Play Cloths

Click To Check Out The Full Line

Andre 3000 Officially Launches His New Clothing Line

Andre 3000 launched his new clothing line Benjamin Bixby this past week @ NY's fashion week. The launch was hosted by Charlize Theron(wow) and featured 3000's line which was inspired by 1930's fashion. The collection can be purchased at any Barney's location and Barney' To View Pics Of The Benjamin Bixby Clothing Line

Nike Air Yeezy’s

I expected something more outlandish but me like. I'd rock 'em spotted @ Onsmash.