Akoo In Store

T.I.'s new clothing line.

New Sean John Campaign Featuring Nelly

Something for the ladies.

Nas & Clothing Company Stussy Drop Exclusive T-Shirts

In celebration of Nas' performance in Tokyo on Dec. 12th, Nas and the clothing company Stussy collab on the design on 2 exclusive T-shirts. The shirts are set to go on sale only in Japan on Dec. 9th.

Kanye Is Set To Release 3 Pieces To Launch His "Pastelle" Clothing Line

On his blog Kanye announced he will be releasing 3 pieces from his Pastelle line in January. One of which he debuted at the AMA's and the others he has worn to other celebrity events with lots of cameras. So if your interested be on the look out for that.My verdict is the gray and red hoody is rockable...

Air Jordan XX3 (23) – Chris Paul “Away”

Ooooo weeee. These are the player exclusive Chis Paul Jordan XX3s. There are two versions of this shoe, home and away. Your lookin' at the away joints. Fire right. Well guess what, if you can find them in a store, their probably knock offs. The pair in the picture are on sale on ebay right now(The bidding ended today)...

Nike Zoom Lebron 6 United We Rise

These are crazy. They're now on sale @ the Nike Store. Shout out to the Sneaker Files

Marcus Jordan Responds To Bow Wow’s Jordan Blog

Michael Jordan's son Marcus shows the extra exclusive Jordan collection.

Diddy’s "I Am The Black American Dream" Tee

On a white mannequin. Do we really need this shirt? It ain't hard to tell.

The $7,500 Wu-Tang Nike Dunk

There is only one pair that anybody knows of that's for sale. It's located at The Fight Club shoe store in NY size 11.5. So if you have $7,500 just layin' around go cop those joints!!! I wish I would.