Check Out Hip Hop Album Sales

Check Out Hip Hop Album Sales

50 Cent Smartens Up & Puts Beef On Hiatus As Ross’ Release Date Comes & Goes

50 didn't exactly fall for it this time. After Kanye used 50 Cent's bully mentality against him, he didn't take it to the......extreme with Ross. As Rick Ross' release date approached 50 stopped with the Officer Ricky cartoons and Pimpin' Curly episodes and just chilled. This led many people to think that Rick Ross had taken the advantage.The problem...

Album Sales Update

The Dream's "Love vs. Money" will be in the 4th spot on the Billboard top 200 moving 55,000 units bringing his 2 week total to 207,000 copies.Beyonce's 'I am Sasha Fierce' is in 9th place this week moving 26,700 units this week. Her 18 week total brings her a double platinum plaque at 2,003,900 units sold.Jaime Foxx is right...

Album Sales Update

According to Billboard & SoundscanBeyonce's album 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' moved 51,400 units this week pushing her toal albums sold to 1,788,200 units. Putting her at #5 on the Billboard Top 200.Jaime Foxx's 'Intuition' comes in at #8 moving 36,600 unit pushing his totaling sales to 578,000 units sold.Mr. West's '808s and Heartbreak' brought his grand total to 1,291,200 units...

Sixshot Album Sales Update

Paper Trail shelved off 78,300 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 1,522,100 copies.Ludacris moves one spot up to No. 2. Theatre Of The Mind shifts 58,300 units this week. After 6 weeks on the chart, the album has sold 439,100 copies.Posted at No. 3 is Lil Wayne. Tha Carter III scans 57,800 discs this week,...

Kanye, Ludacris Post Respectable First Week Numbers

Kanye West in no way even came close to the first week sales of his last album Graduation which sold 900 thousand and change in it's first week but he did put up a respectable number with his new album 808s And Heartbreak Which is expect to come in at about 440,000 units sold.Ludacris moved about half that with...

This Week’s Hip-Hop And R & B Soundscan Numbers

BreakdownRank -- Artist -- Album -- This Weeks Sales -- Total Sales1 T.I. PAPER TRAIL 176,714 -- 746,0754 HUDSON*JENNIFER JENNIFER HUDSON 62,672 -- 280,3928 NE-YO YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN 46,904 -- 450,35612 THICKE*ROBIN SOMETHING ELSE 38,317 -- 175,52113 LIL WAYNE THA CARTER III 27,229 -- 2,550,50714 SULLIVAN*JAZMINE FEARLESS 26,963 -- 134,87215 YOUNG JEEZY RECESSION 26,801 -- 516,47617 RIHANNA GOOD...

T.I.’s Paper Trail Debuts With The 3rd Largest Sales Total Of The Year

T.I. landed at the top spot on the Billboard charts this week with his release of his highly anticipated, pre-incarceration album Paper Trail. T.I. sold an impressive 568,000 copies in his first week. Lil Wayne is the only other Hip-Hop artist to move that many units this year.So my hat goes of to Mr. Clifford Harris. Congratulations.

Lil Wayne Goes Double Platinum & Counting

After only 9 weeks Lil Wayne scan in at 2,075,900 puttin' him at the double platinum status. After shocking the world by selling a million copies in the first week he suffer a 50% drop in the second week but has eased his way to double platinum. I don't see him goin' triple platinum. This still leads me to...

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