Director Hiro Murai Explains Making Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”


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Hiro Murai Explains Making Childish Gambinos This Is America

Childish Gambino’s new video “This is America” has sparked a magnitude of praise and evaluation of America’s hate filled past while receiving 90 million views on Youtube since being released last week. Director Hiro Muraihas worked with Childish on previous videos and shot multiple episodes of his popular FX series, Atlanta. He sat down with Variety, to talk about his creative process and video influences in creating “This is America”. You can check out the excerpts from the interview below.

On his process for making the video with Childish Gambino…

HM: “We worked on music videos together before Atlanta, and the way we work on Atlanta came from how we worked on music videos, so it was sort of a fluid, intuitive process… Donald took the creative charge on the initial conceit [of the video] because he knew what the song was going to be and I came on when he was mixing down the final pieces of the song. But the creative process for the video was like we were playing hot potato with ideas — even while we were shooting it.”

On his inspiration for “This Is America”…

HM: “[I was inspired] by the idea of a dance video that took place in the last 20 minutes of the movie mother! or in the world of City of God.”

On what they wanted to emphasize in the visuals…

HM: “Ultimately, it was about putting all of the pieces in the frame and figuring out what we wanted to emphasis and what felt like the tone we wanted to hit,”

Murai also said, that Glover prioritized in mixing the light and dark elements of the visuals to “give the audience something to digest and to hopefully discuss.”

On the overwhelmingly positive response of the music video…

HM: “Pleasantly surprised… When we’re working on something, I’m just trying to make it interesting for us and hope that whatever’s interesting for us will connect with people watching it.”

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