R-Mean Gets on the Grind with “Guap Callin’”


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This is the 33rd week of the #MeanMonday movement and with it comes R-Mean’s newest joint, “Guap Callin’”. R-Mean amped-up this track with that heavy bass and gangsta rap type flow. Between his previously released track, “Top of the World”, which attacked police brutality and everyday struggles, and “Guap Callin’”, R-Mean has left his struggles behind and got on the grind. Rejecting unimportant calls and keeping his priorities in check are what this track is all about. “Guap Callin’” brings out your inner hustler. It is an anthem for all the hard workers out there. As it’s catchy hook plays on repeat in heard, it gives you the energy and stamina to get through your day, and what’s better than that?

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