Move Over Usher: Dom Marcell Dominates Pop/R&B with “Thats Whats Up”


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If there’s one album that’s sure to dominate your playlist, Dom Marcell’s upcoming release is it. Though the artist hasn’t announced a name or exact release date, we know that the album is going to be big. How, you ask? The sheer pop brilliance of his first two singles, “DTK” and “Thats Whats Up”.  Marcell’s first hit, and its accompanying music video, were praised by dropped just in time to herald the summer season. His second track, “Thats Whats Up,” came earlier this month and showed a grittier, more urban side of the promising singer that HuffPost called, “smooth as cashmere”.

If we had to make a comparison, we’d call Marcell a little bit Usher, a little bit Jason Derulo, but in truth the artist has carved a place in the industry that is entirely his own. His image and sound carry a nostalgic hint of the early 2000s that stops just short of overwhelming or outdating, and where this nostalgia ends his ultra-modern persona begins, lending him the slick, editorial vibe that’s most evident in his photos. Though we can only guess what direction the rest of his album is going to take, we look forward to finding out in the months to come.

Listen to Dom Marcell’s newest single below!

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