Psych, the Canadian rapper with the right kind of Psychology



The psychology of Canadian local, Psych is pretty simple, “the goal is not to be better than someone, the goal is to be better than ourselves.”

Psych started his calling by getting recruited by a local Hip-Hop organisation called UNITY, a charity that uses hip hop to empower adolescents, and with them, performed at several schools and colleges together. Though he enjoyed working within a unit, Psych realized he needed to be more self-sufficient. Psych saved up his paychecks from part time jobs and bought a digital drum machine and MIDI piano, and at the age of 16, Psych was independently generating all of his own music.

Roughly 10 years later, Psych has just released his first album, Escape from Shadowland. Shadowland is where dreams go to die; the album follows a narrative of being stuck in its haze of negativity and reaching the border where escape is on the horizon. Psych, a natural storyteller, leaves the album’s resolution open ended, whether or not his next album will pick up where it left off is up to Psych and where the next phase of his life takes him.

To find out more about Psych and the great Shadowland escape, check him out on Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube or Instagram.


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