Video: Rapper Rico Reckless Shoots At A Girl For Smacking & Disrespecting Him


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Chicago’s Rico Reckless has had his share of beefs over the last few years but none more stranger than this one. Here’s a clip that surfaced over the last 24 hours. The clip shows a women seemingly angry at Rico. She walks up to him cursing him out but you really can’t understand what she’s saying. She then smacks Reckless‘ drink out of his hand and puts her hands around his throat. You can hear people shocked in the background. He then throws her off of him and grabs and cocks the pistol that was laying right beside him. The woman can be heard saying “You ain’t gully. You ain’t gonna bust nothing. You ain’t gonna do shit.” right before Rico fires 2 or 3 shots and the video ends. There’s no further info on the video but I’m sure police are gonna want a few questions answered by Mr. Reckless. Stay tuned.