Tyrone – All Night


One of the newest and most driven artists to come out of Raleigh North Carolina is Tyrone. With his latest release “All Night”, which the talented young man has based loosely on personal experience, you’ll find yourself dancing and wishing for the song to never end. Basing the musical release on a night he himself experienced and wanted to relay to his audience, Tyrone delivers a music medley that will not only have you jumping out of your seat and reaching for the closest person you can to dance with, but he manages to impart the want of a never ending night to his listeners with his harmonies and dance moves. After having originally made the song for a collaboration he eventually remade the beat and made it his own. According to a woman who actually did listen to his song who hadn’t danced for 30 years, the song “Made me get up out of my chair and really want to!” From young to old, his music is made to be listened to, and enjoyed.

With praise like that there’s no telling where this new artist will wind up going. Be sure to keep up with all of his music SoundCloud, and look out for his latest music releases. We know that you can’t contain this kind of musical talent; he’s bound to be releasing something new very soon!

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