Hip-Hop: the multi-billionaire dollar industry


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Hip-hop is a multi-billionaire dollar industry.  It’s no surprise a lot of players are entering the game trying to make a potential name for themselves. From your mother’s basement to performing at Madison Square Garden in front of thousands is every aspiring rappers dream. To reach that plateau, it takes a lot of hard work, planning, dedication and luck.

There is no guaranteed guide that will guarantee you’ll reach superstar status, but there are a few principles that can certainly guide you to stay focused and on the right path.

As an independent artist, use resources and strategize to move your career forward.

Drive is a trait every aspiring artist needs in this field of work. At times you’ll be at a stand still or have doubts about certain things. Drive is what will help you get from point A to B.

Hip-hop may be a saturated field with a lot of producers, rappers and singers sounding familiar but if you can use your creativity to stand out from the norm, create something that sets yourself apart from that same saturated crowd is essential.


It all comes down to the music, you have to create a quality product. If you want to be noticed, take your time finding the hottest beats, write an impeccable song and repeat the process. Quality over quantity should be embedded in you as an artist.

S-Class from Legal Dollars Ent, a newly independent rap trio was interviewed by ThisIs50 and talked about the highs and lows of an independent artist.


The highs of being an independent artist would be the creative control over everything we do. The lows are most definitely the hard work and perseverance, which is not always fun but it always pays off in the long run.”

You can see S-Class and his brothers splurge on the ladies in their latest video “See You Mad”.


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