Gunplay Reacts To Donald Trump Win, Freestyles On Tim Westwood


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a fan of Trump’s political views. ” I can’t figure it out,” joking that he’s in the UK to get away from the Trump presidency the U.S. now faces. “I don’t condone what Donald Trump believes in. I don’t condone his ideology.”

However, he did have a certain amount of respect for Trump’s business sense. “He hustled. He did his thing. You gotta respect it,” said the rapper, comparing Trump running with no political experience to his own labelmate. “That’s like Ross going to be the President.”

Gunplay does recognize Trump as a complete racist, though he hopes for the good of the American people that he doesn’t prove to be as bigoted as his rhetoric suggests. “He’s alright with me … as long as he stays in the borders and the parameters of not being a total racist, which it is right now,” he offered.