A Contemporary Christian Black Music Group You Need To Hear Now


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What makes King James 3 different from other contemporary Christian musicians  is that they are Christ-mentored. Their messages are from the heart and soul, and not white-washed and patronizing. Their aim is not to gain fame, but to spread the message of God. They don’t pretend to be saints, they want to be real and completely honest about what they’re going through, and what we all can do to become better people in the eyes of God. KJ3 openly talks about their own struggles and difficulties, focusing on the struggle for change and the cleansing of sin. The members try to live a life of Christ, even with all of the ups and downs and outside pressure.  

King James 3 is one of the most innovative Contemporary Christian groups of today. Group members JG and Neezy are Christian Rock-stars. They Recently have released their new single ‘Secrets’, which you can listen to on Apple Music and Spotify.


“Secrets” was all about coming clean to the world and the people around you. The band each shares their secret and story with us through their lyrics. And they explain how important it is to share your problems and get help, rather than hide them and mask yourself in Church.

Another hit “Doin Me” is an honest examination of the emotions involved with finding the strength to make changes and move on.

“Let It Go” connects with listeners on a cerebral and spiritual level, and is an honest examination of the emotions involved with finding the strength to make changes and to get out of a bad situation.

KJ3 wants everyone to hear what God has done for them. They want people to hear them and understand that the same can happen to them too. But what they need is a starting point or some kind of spark to help them start their personal journey. KJ3 also wants people to be able to differentiate mediocre artists from artists with real gifts.The gifts is what God has given us to further his ministry. It is bigger than being a celebrity it is royalty and you can turn that on and off when you want to.” says JG.

Besides their messages, the group members all have amazing vocals and an edgier approach to their music. If you have not heard of King James III and you love good music that speaks to the soul, then make sure to check them out.


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