6 Less-known Hip Hop Artists Worth Listening to


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1. Flatbush Zombies

This group of 3 Brooklyn artists (Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick the Architect) make really dark, almost zombie like music come to life. Their unique descriptions of the world, open-mindedness and lyrics are what make their music so dope.

“ A Laced Odyssey” was their debut studio album this year, debuting at number 10 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

2. Tink

Tink, American rapper and singer-songwriter, has already released 7 albums, Think Tink being her latest one this year. She was also chosen as part of the XXL 2015 Freshman Class.

The rapper always has some impactful social commentary about police brutality and her perspective on relationships. When you listen to her songs, you feel the connection between her experiences and what’s happening in our society. If you want to experience a fresh mix of R&B and hip-hop, Tink is your choice.

3.Azizi Gibson

With his laid back approach to musical etiquette Azizi can make anything sound cool. This year his mixtape, A New Life, was a hit.

Aside from his quirky song subjects disguised in a mixture of sounds, similar to Waka Flocka and Wiz Khalifa, he has a particular way of making any topic, no matter how serious, sound almost comedic by nature. So turn up!


This young Canadian rapper and producer taught himself the whole Hip Hop textbook down in his basement with cheap equipment and microphones. He studied and took inspiration from the best rappers: Kanye West, Drake and Travis Scott, and ultimately created a ravishing brand with his new twist on hip hop. This rising star will soon take over the industry with this kind of determination and talent.

With his new mixtape Shade, he shows off his new beats and contemporary spin on the hip hop genre. Shade has a fresh vibe to it, a nice mix of lyrics and deep beats with some classical hip hop elements.

5.Supa Bwe

Member of Hurt Everybody, Supa Bwe is one of the most experimental hip-hop artists in a long time.

He is able to create music that tests the limits of what can be considered hip-hop and still sound good doing it. Although his tapes 2K47, Magic City, and The Dead Occasion don’t have cohesive themes, they are definitely pushing boundaries in their sonic appeal. This is an artist for those with very open minds and ready to experience some experimental sounds.

6. Noname Gypsy

Nonane never makes herself the center of attention, but every time she spits a verse it screams talent and you immediately get hooked to her sound. Her project “Telofone” is the Chicago artist’s debut effort, featuring like-minded Chi-town artists and MCs, including  theMIND, Jamila Woods, Saba as well as features from Raury, Smino and more.



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