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If you’re looking for the hottest deadstock Jordan colorways and don’t want to risk being tricked by knockoffs and pesky auction bidding, then check out the website They have a wide selection of deadstock J including the Aqua 8s, OG Grade School Cement 4s, Radio Raheem 2s and more. Their mission statement:

We are here to service the consumers who Have lack of time, knowledge, and ability to obtian the product that they need or want! Our new online sneaker service website that caters to the individual who lack the time to stand in line and get raffle tickets to get that special sneaker for themselves or a loved one. Being that a lot of Valet Services and Resellers have bad reputations for their Rape prices, we thought we could offer our services for cheap as well as offer great customer service, great content and knowledge to build the relationship with our consumers to help them obtain releases. Our services for Valet typically runs $19.99 and under for a General Release sneaker.
the enormous scamming market that China resellers have maintained in the industry, have reeked havoc on the sneaker industry, we are trying to fix that and how our services have been able to help change the market.

We are not your typical sneaker seller, we aim to rebuild this community that once was the love for the sneaker and not just creating an atmosphere of debt that a consumer cannot afford

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