Video: Kendrick Lamar Disses Meek Mill At NY Show; Meek Mill Responds


A few days ago, Meek Mill finally dropped his Kendrick Lamar ‘Control’ verse response. It was a good response but most people thought it was too little, too late. Meek didn’t really keep it friendly either, he threw a few serious shots at Kendrick Lamar. So there were questions if Kendrick would actually respond. Well, according to reports during a recent show in NY, K. Dot did just that.

Kendrick Lamar put on a performance at Williamsburg Park in Brooklyn, NY. According AllHipHop’s first hand account, Kendrick directly called out Meek Mill during his performance saying “There’s one n***a in particular that needs to realize that there’s ‘levels’ to this s**t.” AHH tweeted.

“Meanwhile: Kendrick is in NYC performing with a live band!”

“Kendrick Lamar just called Meek Mill out at his NYC show! Its going down!”

“”I been doing this s**t for years…I mastered this s**t.” Kendrick to Meek Mill”

“”I have no time for irrelevant n***as [or] new n***as.” – Kendrick Lamar in NYC – RIGHT NOW.”

“”There’s one n***a in particular that needs to realize that there’s ‘levels’ to this s**t. I’m MOTHER F**KIN’ KING KENDRICK.” – Kendrick…”

Kendrck and Meek never had a problem before but this may end up turning into an actual rivalry. It’s no longer friendly. Meek Mill responds to Kendrick via Twitter asking, “King of what?”.

“King of what?”

“Somebody please tell me”

“Let me RT @MeekMill: King of what? @kendricklamar”

Meek also allegedly said.

“Cuz I’m the only nigga coming thru the streets with the baddest bitch in the game on my bike…with a 100 hittaz and army tanks behind me!”

But this Tweet was deleted.

As of yet there hasn’t been any word from the TDE camp regarding Kendrick’s direct shot at Meek Mill. Let’s hope this stays on wax because an actual beef between Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill could get ugly.

****Updated with the video****

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