Chief Keef Goes After Nicki Minaj


The Gucci Mane Twitter rant has stirred up all types of drama and hilariousness. You can say what you want about Gucci but he is a marketing genius. He riled up all his celebrity rivals and then dropped 2 new singles and an album all in the last 24 hours. Not to be left out of fun, Gucci’s artist Chief Keef goes at Nicki Minaj but not for beef, he wants to find out what that mouth do.

Chief Keef already tried to holla at Nicki Minaj a few months ago via Twitter and after hearing about Gucci’s sexual encounters with Nicki, he wants his turn with the megastar asking her to “marry A young hustla”

“@NickiMinaj Drop Da Dead Dinner”

“@NICKIMINAJ: Come again? > RT @ChiefKeef @NICKIMINAJ Drop Da Dead Dinner ????” Meanin Fuck Yo Man He Aint Shit”

“Cant blaim me Nicki minaj Gotta Marry A Young Hustla”

“Im in <3 With Her"

“@NICKIMINAJ wat You Doing?”

‘”@NICKIMINAJ: … RT @ChiefKeef Cant blaim me Nicki minaj Gotta Marry A Young Hustla Lol Wat You Doin Im High Dont Mind Me”

Nicki actually responded to Chief Keef a few times having fun with the young Chitown spitta. Toying with him with her responses and retweets.
“:””(((((( ——- > RT @ChiefKeef @NICKIMINAJ wat You Doing?”

Nicki adds.

“Lol. Lemme stop. XOXO. Gotta luv a hood n*gga 4 sayin wuteva da fuq he want @chiefkeef”


After the exchange Keef tries to get Nicki on a song.

“@NICKIMINAJ Follow Back Doe So We Can Dm”

“”@NICKIMINAJ: TAP OUT” Million Dollar P*ssy?”

“@NICKIMINAJ Get On Jet Li Da Song I Jus Dropped”

Not sure if the feeble attempt will work but it was funny watching him fail. All off their tweets have since been deleted but the internet always wins. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. So look for a possible song from Nicki and Chief Keef and if it doesn’t happen he failed epically.

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