We Up On It Exclusive Interview W/ Gunplay (@gunplaymmg)


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MMG is at the top of the game right now. Their success doesn’t seem to be slowing down any for 2013. But with success also comes envy, jealoulys, and most of the times beef in the hip hop world. Mo money, mo problems and still, it’s no problem as MMG’s #1 shooter, Gunplay is set be released from house arrest on January 13th and unleashed on the game.

I got a chance to chop it up with Gunplay about his new mixtape Cops N Robbers, his upcoming Def Jam debut album Medallion, Meek Mill’s beef with Cassidy, MMG’s beef with G-Unit and more.

With your last mixtape 106 and Snort, you hopped on some classic instrumentals that people didn’t expect from you. Like “Criminology” and “Gullitine Swords”, do you plan on doing the same thing with Cops N Robbers?

Yeah I’m gonna do some of the same types of freestyles. That’s what I grew up on. That’s hip hop. I teach the younger generation about our era with those joints right there.

You also remade a MIA classic in “Nah Nigga” but Trick Daddy was missing. Was that purposely done or did you just not have a chance to connect with Trick for a verse?

I was on the run when I did that. So me and Trick really didn’t have a chance to connect.

Who are some of the artist that will be featured on Cops N Robbers?

I’m working with Trina again and the rest of MMG.

What about producers?

I’m working with a few up and coming producers. I can’t really name them right now because I don’t have it in front of me.

Who are some artist that you would like to work with that fans wouldn’t expect you to work with?

Aww man. I’d say like Sade or Korn.

You’re a fan of Korn?

Not exactly. I heard their CD once and thought that they would be somebody I’d like to work with. That’s all.

Hypothetical question. If their was no MMG, what rap crew do you think you would be in. Who do you think you would gel with?

Nobody. I don’t really get along with anybody like that. I’d probably start my own shit.

MMG has had huge success in the past few years. What to think fans love so much about MMG?

I think they like our energy, our work ethic, our brand, our flavor our excellence.

Now with success comes enemies and MMG has it’s fair share. Why do you think those people hate… Well I won’t say hate. Why do you think those people dislike MMG?

Because they’re not MMG.

Good Answer. *laughs*


How do your feel about the recent battling with Meek Mill and Cassidy?

I think it was good for hip hop. I think it was good for the fans. As for me, I don’t do that rap battle shit. So I don’t wanna have anybody thinking they can come at me like that. I don’t wanna see Cassidy coming at me. But it was good for hip hop.

Do yo think Meek should respond to the latest diss record from Cassidy?

No, I don’t. It doesn’t need to drag on. I think they both proved their point. Meek has bigger and better things to focus on.

Cops N Robbers drops on the 13th. You also get off of house arrest on the 13th. Do you have anything special planned?

I plan on having a lot of parties. That’s it.

Who are some artist right now that inspire you?

Jay-Z. I’m a big fan of Jay. And Rozay.

When can we expect your Def Jam debut Medellion?

Around Spring time. Look for it some time in the Spring.

How far along are you?

I’m about 40& done.

You dropped the first single “Drop” a couple months back. Do you plan on shooting a video for that once you get off of house arrest?

Yes, I plan on going all the way in once I get off house arrest.

And are you dropping another single right after that?

Yeah I’m going all the way in. There will be a new single and a video for that too.

Do you have any dream features for Medellion? Like anybody that you would say that you have to have them on there.

Jay- Z and Nas.

Do you want to get them both on the say track?

Either one or both it doesn’t matter. I wanna try to get atleast one of them.

Will there ever be a time that you would squash the beef with 50 Cent and G-Unit?

I don’t squash beef. That’s not the type of person I am.

So is this real street beef?

I’m not worried about that donkey. He’s a donkey. He was on set with dirty draws on. Nobody fears that dirty draws wearing donkey. I’ll beat his ass.

So you don’t see anybody from G-Unit as a threat?

How can they be a threat when none of them are poppin’ right now?

True 50 even dropped a new single with Eminem and nobody cared.

Right. Nobody fuckin’ cared. So how can they be a threat when every move they make nobody fuckin’ cares.

Any last words or shout out?

Yeah shout out to Mike Knox. I hope you have some money for your commissary bitch.

I’ll just end it like that. *laughs*


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