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Every hard working artist deserves their shine. Some are given opportunities and some make their opportunities. I got a chance to chop it up with up and NC spitta S. Gold. We talked about his inspirations, the grind of an independant artist, how he built his brand his stage performance, his new project The Storm and more. So sit back and check out how they get down on Tobacco Road.

Tell me a little bit about your story. How did you start rapping?

Music has always been an escape for me. I use to visit my uncle house a lot during the summer time back in 2001. He was a part time DJ. I would play his records and instrumentals and lay freestyles on tapes for fun while he was out and about.

What inspires you to be creative?

Really life in general because you never know what type of people and/or situations you will run into. So I just digest it all and retell the story from my point of view in a Spielberg way because I love movies/music/artistry.

Being an independent artist in 2012 do you think it’s an advantage now in the “Digital Age” as opposed to 10-15 years ago to be heard or do think hip hop is overcrowded?

I think it’s a little bit of both. The digital age allows musicians to reach people they might not otherwise have the opportunity to reach. You used to have to have a major label backing you to really get out there and be heard. Now with the internet anybody can share their music with whomever will listen. It’s an open market. It’s a gift and curse because anybody can be an “artist.”… Which means anybody can be an “artist.” LOL. So you have people who get involved with music just to follow trends and don’t necessarily do it for the love of the music.

How do you standout from the rest of the pack?

I stand out because my music comes from the heart and I’m not afraid to be myself! The world, for the most part today lets tv drama determine whats cool now a days and what success is. Me i defer! I don’t succumb to the pressure to do whatever is cool for the moment and be someone other than who I am. I’m me everyday all day.

NC has been known for it’s authentic hip hop with the success of J. Cole, Little Brother and producers like 9th Wonder, Khrysis, etc. Where do you see yourself along side those Carolina greats?

I see myself being talked about amongst the ranks of those cats. I have so much respect for all these North Carolinians because they opened up the door for the N.C. music scene as a whole and we all have something to bring to the table! I hope to work with all of them more closely real soon!

If you could go back in time and work with any artist who would it be and why?

Of course Michael Jackson! On the day he died I honestly said to myself “Damn I will never get to meet Michael.” I don’t think that there is any artist as talented as The King of Pop! I don’t think I’ll ever see an artist of that caliber in my lifetime. R.I.P

When fans come out, what can they expect from a S. Gold performance.

They can expect a lot of crowd participation cause I’m all about getting the people involved in my performances! If the crowd’s energy is there then my energy is gonna blast through the roof!

Break down your upcoming project ‘The Storm’. What do the listeners have to look forward to?

The Storm has been two years in the making. A lot of emotions went into this project- joy… pain… excitement… Anyone who heard my previous project, The Forecast, can look forward to tremendous growth from me. I’ve matured a lot since then both as an artist and as a man. Listeners can look forward to a myriad of emotions that start off sad and unsure about life and then the transition to being confident, ambitious and driven! I definitely think I found my footing with this album.

Who are some artist that you would like to work with in the near future?

Jay-Z, Kanye West, Cold Play, The Dream, Lana Del Ray, Rhianna, Pharrell, Drake, Kendrick Lammar, and Kid Cudi just to name a few lol EVERYBODY!!!!

Over the years how have you built you brand to where it is now?

I built my brand by being consistent with my music and by letting people know face to face that I really appreciate their support as much as possible. A lot of people rock with me as a person, outside of the music and support me just based off their personal interactions with me. Never underestimate the importance of just developing personal relationships with people.

After the The Storm drops, what’s next for you? Are there already some videos in the works?

Hmmmmmm I have many many things I’m discussing with people so y’all will just have to stay tuned! LOL. We have already dropped videos for “Going Nowhere” and “Say Hey” off of The Storm. You can definitely look forward to more videos from the album dropping in the near future. I would love to shoot a video for “Deny” with Lazurus and King Mez. I just dropped that joint the other day and the love has been crazy!

Any last words or shout outs?

I want to let everybody know that we all control our own fate/story and don’t let nobody, and I mean nooooobody stop u from chasing your dreams and setting high standards for yourself!

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