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A journey always begins with taking the 1st step. To get to the finish line takes dedication, determination & a strong belief in yourself & your abilities. Joy Deja King is a #1 Best Selling Essence author for her sexy, hip books, Mafia Princess, Boss Bitch & Ride Wit Me, just to name a few. But her upcoming project has nothing to do with her series of best selling books as she shift gears from books to beats with her upcoming mixtape, Boss Bitch Music. Her lead single “I’m The Bomb” featuring Ca$h Out is set to hit a radio near you. To complete her transition from author to musician the journey begins now.

What made you decide to make the transition from best selling author to musician?

Hip Hop music has always been a passion of mine. But everything is about timing and when my writing career took off I put my focus on that but the love for music was still there. I write urban lit books which is influenced greatly by the hip hop culture so it felt like a natural transition to go from author to musician. After much success with books the time seemed right.

How does your novel writing skill help you with writing music?

Writing books helped me to understand the importance of telling a solid story that delivers a message that captures your audience. Because of that I understand the importance of creating a song that delivers that same message you want listeners to hear.

Do you think the success of your books & your brand will help you with being able to sell music?

Not necessarily. People are always skeptical when you’ve had success in one field and jump to another. Sometimes they want to keep you in a box but I believe the music will speak for itself. I had to grind and create my lane in the urban lit world and I believe I’ll be able to do the same with music. Success takes focus and hard work and I embrace both so I’m confident I’ll do good.

What can your fans expect from your mixtape Boss Bitch Music?

I think they will be pleasantly surprised. They will see that this isn’t just a hobby for me but something I have a passion for and I’m good at. I’m very proud of this project and think it’s a great start to more music to come.

You’ve got Ca$h Out featured on the 1st single off of Boss Bitch Music. How did that collaboration come about?

After I laid my vocals I felt it needed that special touch and I was loving his record Cashing Out. I felt he would be the perfect addition. We reached out to his people and 3 days later he was in Patchwerk studios recording his verse. He was super cool. But I believe when things are meant to be they work out smoothly like that with no hiccups.

Who are some other artist/producers that are featured on BBM?

Besides Ca$h Out, I worked with my favorite rapper out right now, Trouble and I also worked with YG (Young Genius). But I really wanted to use this introduction into music to highlight me and I felt I did that.

Is there anybody you would’ve like to work with on this project that you didn’t get a chance too or would like to work with in the near future?

For this project I delivered what I wanted to accomplish and worked with the people I felt could make that happen. But in the future I would love to do a record with Rhianna.

What inspires you?

Being challenged. I love having the odds against me but finding a way to beat them and win.

Was there ever a moment during your recording process when you were like ‘What am I getting myself in to?’.

Yes! Many times but when I would get in that studio, behind the mic this high would come over me. And for that moment I would forget about all the negative thoughts that can come over you when you’re dealing with music industry BS. But you truly have to love the making music to deal with the headaches that come with it.

If you’re music career picks up do you plan on still writing books.

Of course! I love writing books and I truly adore my readers. I think I’ll still be writing when I’m sixty-five. LOL!! I’m laughing but I’m serious. That’s the beautiful thing about writing, you can do it forever!

What’s the best advice that you’ve gotten so far about your transition into the music game?

Have fun and enjoy the moment.

What’s in your iPod right now?

I’m loving that MMG Self Made 2. I’ve been listening to it nonstop since I downloaded it.

What’s next for you after you drop BBM?

I’m back in the studio working on more music. I plan to put out another mixtape at the beginning of 2013.

Any last words of shout outs?

To my readers and people who support my movement, thank you and I truly appreciate the love!!

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