Usher’s (@usherraymondiv) Ex-Wife Tameka Raymond (@tamekaraymond) Says He Is Popping Pills Around Their Kids


In a case of “maybe the kids saw something they shouldn’t have and told mommy”, Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond is demanding that Usher take a drug test as their impending custody battle rages forward. According to court documents, she suspects that Usher has been popping pills & “who knows what else” in front of their kids.

An initial request for Usher to take a drug test was refused by Usher on the grounds that the request was “frivolous and unfounded” and was only an attempt to “harass and embarrass” him. Now Tameka has taken the claim one step further an filed with the court for him to be ordered by a judge to take a drug test for their custody hearing. She professes that any delay is just more time for Usher to cleanse his system of illegal substances.

Stay tuned, this might get ugly.


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