Lil Wayne Sues QD3


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There have been a lot of people capitalizing off of Lil Wayne’s popularity. Hell he’s damn near single handily keeping….

mixtape DJ caught up with their bills. Well Weezy has decided to get some of his money back. He is now filing a lawsuit against ‘Beef’ series creator QD3 Quincy Jones III.

Wayne is sueing because he didn’t give his final approval for the documentary that QD3 Entertainment shot about his life. In December the film was screened by Lil Wayne manager. At that point QD3 and his partners were asked to remove some material that Wayne’s manager felt was objectionable. Another cut was sent in January and again was rejected.

Due to time constraints, QD3 decided to show the documentary at the Sundance Film Festival as is even after being demanded to remove certain clips.

Weezy F is suing for breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, unfair business practices, fraud, and invasion of privacy among others.

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