Jaime Foxx Sued Over Vodka Display


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When I first heard about this I thought it was a joke but now Jaime really has a reason to blame it on the alcohol. According to….

TMZ, Jaime Foxx has been sued by a man that was hired to bar tend a party the he threw in 2007 Social in Hollywood. The mans name is William Presler.

According to Presler’s suit, He say the bar he was paid to tend was made completely om ice. Which was fine but the drunk party goer’s instead on throwing their glasses away would pour their drinks out and throw their glasses on the ground littering the bar with broken glass.

Presler alleges that he tried to clean up the mess but was told to just ‘kick the glass to the side of the bar’. Some time near the end of the party Presler ended up slipping and falling into the pile of glass causing him to receive a severed nerve in his left hand and 170 stitches.

The lawsuit was brought up be cause Presler had obtained a neuroscience degree but because of the severed nerve in his left hand he may never be able to achieve his goal of practicing as a brain surgeon. Ouch.

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