Jay-Z Sued Over The "I Will Not Lose" Slogan


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Ok, I thought this was some bullshit when I first saw it. Jay-Z beeen sayin’ “I will not lose” since The Dynasty album so I thought it was a made up rumor that somebody was tryin’ to pass off as news but apparently this has some validity.

Thursday (9/25) Jay-Z and the Iconix Brand Group were sued for the slogan by a company called I Will Not Lose, LLC who say they trademarked the slogan first.

(I did some research)I Will Not Lose, LLC was created in College Park, Ga in 2004. The Roc La Familia Dynasty album came out in 2000. Which means they probably named their company after the Jay-Z catch phrase. I don’t have any proof of this but check out their website and you tell me if their creativity blows you away.

This should be an easy one for Hov and the boys. Look for Jay-z’s campaign to continue after he buys this rinky dink one hat company out. After the lawsuit they might not even get that.

In any rate Reggie Tucker the CEO of I Will Not Lose,LLC claims that he repeatedly asked Jay-Z and Iconix to stop using the slogan(I wonder why they ignored him). Tucker filed the lawsuit in Georgia Northern District Court and is seeking unspecified damages.

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